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Escaping an abusive relationship, SARA JACKSON returns home for the holiday. But it's not her parents who greet her at the family homestead, but CIA agent, JEB HAWKINS. Despite his best intentions to remain professional, Jeb can't fight the attraction he's had for Sara since high school. When a blizzard and Sara's ex blow into town at the same time, Jeb's got his hands full protecting Sara—and his heart.

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Zoe Zanardi was born with a gift. She paints pictures of people she's never met. One day an unseen force draws her into an antique shop where she finds an old POW-MIA bracelet. Through the bracelet, she discovers her biological father, a pilot missing-in-action during the Vietnam War. Zoe is convinced the bracelet is communicating with her and that her father is still alive somewhere in Southeast Asia. She is determined to travel to Vietnam to find him, with or without the help of Chad Stone, a private investigator and former CIA agent, who turns up at her mother's door one day with information about her father. Coincidence? Or is there more to her father's disappearance? Are Zoe and Chad mere pawns in a deadly game?

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"Stay away from soldiers, Betty. They'll never remember your name the next day". One glance at the sexy man across the bar and her mother's warning faded away...

"Soldiers use going to war as an excuse to get you into bed". Betty ignored the voice in her head since she'd had no intention of meeting or going to bed with a soldier… but resisting Airforce Pilot Jason Southby proved impossible.

When the letters stop Betty is frantic. For two weeks she checks the mailbox, making excuses as to why he hadn't written. She waited for her mother to say “I told you so.” Instead her mum tells her he can't write because he's gone. Her mother knew the truth from the beginning...

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