"Pam Champagne has the ability to capture the reader from the first page and draw them in. Her storytelling flow is so engaging that I found it hard to put down. I am a huge fan and her stories are always different and intriguing." -- Jenntopp

"I'm not an avid RS reader, but I will always read Pam Champagne. Why? Because her stories are anything but average, and go well beyond the typical. Missing in action blends a touch of the paranormal (Zoe's gift of sight) with a unique setting (Vietnam) and a hot romance. If you're looking to get away from the usual "cop protects girl" story, this is for you!" -- M. K. Chester



"Olivia Spencer is just a small town librarian who also happens to write erotica romance, her problem is that she has no real experience with sex. Stuck at work during a snow storm Olivia decides to get some writing done when in walks one of the sexist men she has ever seen, other than her boss Brent."

"Reid Emery has always wanted to write a true ghost story, something different than his usual fiction novels. So, when he receives an message from his old friend Brent about a house that has been haunted he decides to buy the house and write his story. What he did not expect was to get stranded with a beautiful woman and spend that time giving her lessons in pleasure."

"Brent Dresden has been attracted to Olivia for some time now but he is also in love with Reid, the problem is that Reid refuses to admit his attraction to Brent. Deciding to take matters into his own hands Brent lures Reid to their small town in hopes that Reid will somehow meet Olivia and find her desirable and that she will be able to help him convince Reid of his true feelings."

"As the three move into the haunted house Olivia starts to feel as if she is the third wheel in their relationship. She has found herself falling in love with both men but eventually they will realize their love for each other and in the end she will be alone again."

"Pam Champagne has brought us a story that is sexually scorching yet tender. She shows how one man can come to terms with the fact that he can love another man and how three people can make a relationship really work." -- Annette Stone, Paranormal Romance

"This is a threesome that is meant to last; you can see it from the very beginning. But, that does not mean that life is easy for them. The relationship is difficult and keeping three people happy is more so, especially when the two men are so different from each other. Reid is domineering and masterful, Brent is soft and sweet. Olivia can control them both if she wants to. Ms. Champagne’s dynamic trio are vibrant and passionate while being totally devoted to each other." -- 4 Cups, Hollie, Coffee Time Romance & More

4 CHERRIES "Pam Champagne's story grabs the reader from page one. You feel like you're really there in Maine with them, stuck in the same blasted snow storm. You can almost smell the books and the roaring fire in the library as well. I like the characters in this story. Each has their complexities and their inadequacies; all of which make the reader want them to find love and succeed...Do you want to read steamy love scenes? Better find a copy of this novella. You'll need a cold shower after reading. You feel the passion building between the three characters and you almost want to shout to them to get together, but it adds a nice bit of tension. If you want a hot read, then be sure to pick up a copy of Hands on Research." -- Tiger Lily, Whipped Cream Romance Reviews



RECOMMENDED READ "This story, in short, rocked my world. Pam Champagne has created a wonderfully compelling tale with Alaskan Heat. The sexual tension between Sophie and Hawk is off the charts. The suspense is gripping, keeping me on the edge of my seat, never knowing if who they choose to trust is worthy of such an honor. I thoroughly enjoyed seeing Hawk learn to love, leaving his shell behind. I also enjoyed seeing Sophie discover her inner warrior and her seemingly effortless ability to handle the Al-Can highway. You can't go wrong with this story. It fully earns its highly recommended read designation. I can't wait to read more by this obviously talented author." - 5 Angels, Bella, Fallen Angels Reviews

"A new to me author, Pam Champagne's ALASKAN HEAT is a fast paced read that gets right down to business from literally a few pages in. The characters are lovable and they play their parts to the hilt. Readers will have no problem identifying with these two protagonists. The chase and the excitement of uncertainty combine to make ALASKAN HEAT a worthy outing by Ms. Champagne." - 4 Blue Ribbons, Jhayboy, Romance Junkies

"A new to me author, Pam Champagne's ALASKAN HEAT is a fast paced read that gets right down to business. The characters are lovable and they play their parts to the hilt. Readers will have no problem identifying with these two protagonists. The chase and the excitement of uncertainty combine to make ALASKAN HEAT a worthy outing by Ms. Champagne." - Erotic Horizons



"Pam Champagne's Bridge of Hope is an inspiring, contemporary romance with an amazingly warm yet desperate aura. This incredibly well-timed romance will speak to anyone who has ever had to be the one that waited…four books and more than a few tears..." - The Long and the Short of It by Snapdragon

"BRIDGE OF HOPE is an uplifting story that provides a message of inspiration in the midst of heartache. Pam Champagne doesn't flinch from addressing tough issues and she handles this story both sensitively and beautifully. BRIDGE OF HOPE is easily recommended!" - Cks Kwips and Kritiques, Reviewed by Debbie



"The romance part of Dead Heat is great but the suspense part is outstanding. The action never stops! Jenna and Rye barely have to catch their breaths before yet something else happens. Again, Ms. Champagne's talent as a writer shines..." - The Long and Short of It - Magnolia 4 l/2 Books



"As a first time reader of Pam Champagne's books I can say it won't be the last. Enchanted Inn is truly a great historical time travel romance that is definitely a keeper for this reviewer. This book makes you believe that second chances can happen if you really want them to." - Night Owl Romances - Melinda

"THE ENCHANTED INN is another fantastic tale from the very talented Pam Champagne. Ms. Champagne quickly gets to the emotional heart of any tale she writes and THE ENCHANTED INN is no exception. Highly recommended! - Cks Kwips and Kritiques, Reviewed by Debbie

"The Enchanted Inn is a time travel tale that is refreshing and unique…The romance is sexy, sensual and toe curling…This reviewer hopes there is a sequel in the works, as she would really look forward to it." - 5 Hearts, Valerie, Love Romances



"I really liked this story and the characters. It's sweet with some spice, like your favorite men's cologne. It's a feel good Christmas story that gets you in the mood (for Christmas)." - Emma Sanders



"In a story full of people who have lying down to an art form, it was hard to tell the friends from the foes. Bed of Lies is a tale filled with intrigue and angst. From one devastating loss to another, I wondered how Brenna was able to keep going. Everyone around her was being dishonest even the man who claimed he loved her was as guilty as the deadbeat family of hers that continued to drag her down. Pam Champagne weaved a story filled with puzzle pieces needing to be added to the pile, if you ever want to get to the bottom of who the actual villain in the story is. I'm sure readers will find themselves just as captivated as I was as they try to figure out what is really going on in small town USA." - 4 Angels, Rachelle, FALLEN ANGEL REVIEWS

"Bed of Lies is one of the best books I've come across in as long as I can remember. The layers of intrigue and mystery keep peeling and peeling and peeling away like the layers of an onion. The deceptions of the past just keep getting bigger and the more they find out, the less they know. Brenna and Ace are so well written they are utterly alive and their story is so compelling I couldn't stop reading this book. I actually cried for their pain and the injustice of their situation. Ace is determined that no matter what the future holds he is going to keep Brenna alive. He's determined to catch the murderer and solve the drug smuggling case, but all his suspects keep turning up dead. If you start reading Bed of Lies in the evening, you can expect to still be reading when the sun comes up. This book is so good you'll catch yourself holding your breath. It's not only a great suspense thriller but a wonderfully poignant romance as well. Bed of Lies is one book you just can't miss." - 5 Hearts, Karen H., The Romance Studio by Karen H.

"Bed of Lies is an intricate and emotional tale about the impact of greed and prejudice on two lovers and how it tore them apart. Brenna is forced to handle more grief and tragedy than anyone should have to cope with and her inner strength is tested. She's a truly amazing woman though, and she prevails. Ace is a good man who has had to deal with monumental obstacles of his own. The emotional turmoil that they've both been forced to suffer due to the prejudice and greed of others is tragic. The ending is absolutely beautiful and left me with a warm feeling that stayed with me the entire day. Pam Champagne has penned a thrilling, absolutely beautiful must-read that you don't want to miss." - 5 Kisses, Kerin, Two Lips Review

"Ms. Champagne has written a book filled with suspense. Many people are thought to be part of the drug ring, and the action is non-stop until the shocking secrets of the town are revealed. This story will also take your emotions on a roller coaster ride of ups and downs. It is heartbreaking to discover the lies that were told to destroy Brenna and Ace's relationship. You will cry with sadness of all they endured over the years, and then your heart will feel with joy as the story unfolds. The truth unravels, and the bed of lies is put to sleep forever." - 4 Flowers, Sherry

"Pam Champagne's Bed of Lies is one of the best reads in a long time. She has weaved a web of deception, lies and treachery in an aptly named book that will keep the reader enthralled from cover to cover." - 5/5, Gail

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